Introduction Villa Luna, Spaceport Malaysia  
  Villa Luna are houses to be built at Spaceport Malaysia with the application of Lunar (Moon) Architecture and Lunar Science.

The atmosphere on Earth is useful in protecting Earth from space radiation and meteoroids and also to stabilize the temperature on the surface. The moon does not has an atmosphere like Earth does. So, Lunar Architecture is applied in designing Villa Luna, where assuming that the houses are on the moon, 2/3 of each house will be built underground to protect it from space radiation, meteoroids and extreme variation in temperature.

On Earth, Villa Luna will be able to save energy. It will be practical especially at relatively high temperature or low temperature areas where moderation of the temperature is preferred.

Villa Luna will be a very unique pioneering project in Space Science and Space Architecture and will be known internationally.

Early registration to own Villa Luna or to invest in Villa Luna project is now opened.
NASA, ESA and other world’s major space agencies will send manned missions to the moon 50 years after the first man landed on the Moon.

NASA (United States of America National Aeronautics & Space Administration) has announced that it will again send manned missions to the moon by 2020. ESA (European Space Agency) and ROSKOSMOS (Russian Federal Space Agency) plan to establish manned lunar base by 2025. These manned lunar missions will be followed by other manned lunar missions by the space agencies of Japan, India and China.

Villa Luna project is in synchronicity with all the planned manned lunar missions by the world’s major space agencies. It is a project to welcome the return of manned lunar missions by those space agencies. Therefore, like other projects related to the exploration and colonization of the moon, Villa Luna will benefit from the attention and fame of those manned lunar missions, which will be the most important and most popular space mission very soon.
The moon has been inspiring man and woman since the beginning of art and culture thousands of years ago. Moon has not only appeared, but influenced mankind arts and culture and even civilization and religious practices for centuries.

Villa Luna is referring to what was said by Neil Armstrong when he first stepped on the moon, that the modern understanding of the moon will be a giant leap for mankind and shall continue inspiring man and woman in various fields of innovation including architecture.


Villa Luna houses will be built at Lunaville, a unique space themed property development in Malaysia near Spaceport Malaysia, planned to be a center of space commercialization activities, particularly space tourism and research spaceflights. There will be a spaceflight terminal, a shopping mall, a space themed park, a space education & research center, a health & medical center and a convention center at the spaceport. Lunaville will be a highly secured gated community and a zero emission zone, where only electric vehicles will be allowed to be operational. The space commercialization activities, guaranteed security and the advantage of clean air & environment will create a neighborhood consists of space commercialization operators, management professionals, scientists and engineers, and some of them may reside at Lunaville with their family.

Education & Research Opportunity
Villa Luna can be a long term education and research program related to lunar colonization. It will educate directly the people who are involved in the project and indirectly the people who are aware of the project about lunar colonization. This project will provide a platform for lunar education and research. Studies on lunar colonization, lunar architecture and space tourism can be conducted with this unique platform. Therefore, related educational and research organizations are encouraged to participate in Villa Luna project.

50% of Villa Luna will be built underground. On earth, having significant parts of a house underground will have some significant advantages, such as:
Smaller land / lower land cost - A luxury single storey house can be built on a smaller piece of land because half of the house can be located underground, resulting in lower land cost.
Greater security - The underground parts of the house are automatically protected by the ground from intruders, resulting in greater security.
Lower exterior cost - The underground parts of the house do not require exterior finishing and cosmetic, resulting in lower exterior cost.
Lower air-conditioning & heating cost - An underground room of a house will be cooler during summer and warmer during winter. Therefore the underground parts of the house will require less air-conditioning during summer and less heating during winter, resulting in lower air-conditioning & heating cost.
Lower overall maintenance cost - The underground parts of the house do not require exterior maintenance since they are protected from rain & sunlight, resulting in lower overall maintenance cost.
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